SBA Operational Contract Files

Contract Number Supplier Contract Description
001-60-19 Department of Management Services Amended and Restated Interagency Agreement
002-97-7 Tradeweb Direct, LLC Intermediary Representation Letter and Agreement
002-99-34 Bank of New York Mellon Eagle Statement of Work
002-99-35 BNY Mellon Statement of Work
002-99-38 Eagle Investment Systems LLC AR Software License Hosting Agreement
002-99-39 BNY Mellon Statement of Work
006-78-4 Lewis, Longman & Walker, P.A. Amendment Two
007-45-2 Navex Global Master Services Agreement
008-105-11 Micro Strategies, Inc. Litera/Workshare Renewal
010-05-7 Eversheds Sutherland Amendment Five
010-05-8 Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLC Sixth Amendment to Agreement for Legal Services
010-11-7 Haynes & Boone, LLP Amendment 5-Exhibit B
010-11-8 Haynes & Boone, LLP Sixth Amendment to Agreement for Legal Services
010-22-7 Mayer Brown, LLP Fifth Amendment-Exihibit A
010-22-8 Mayer Brown, LLP Sixth Amendment to agreement for Legal Services
010-50(B)-53 Dr. Jenni L. Evans Professional Team Consulting Services Agreement
010-50(C)-58 Metaphorz, LLC Professional Team Consulting Services Agreement
010-50(D)-55 Johnson International Statistical Consulting Professional Team Consulting Services Agreement
010-50(J)-62 Masoud M. Zadeh Professional Team Consulting Services Agreement
010-50(L)-57 Christopher J. Nachtsheim Professional Team Consulting Services Agreement
010-50(M)-56 Christopher P. Jones, P.E. Professional Team Consulting Services Agreement
010-50(N)-61 Schwalls Consulting Professional Team Consulting Services Agreement
010-50(P)-54 Timothy Hall Ph.D. Professional Team Consulting Services Agreement
010-50-(R)-59 Stuart B. Mathewson FCAS, MAAA Professional Team Consulting Services Agreement
010-50(S)-63 UrbanHydro Engineering, INC. Professional Team Consulting Services Agreement
010-50(T)-54 Dr. Ryan P. McMahan Professional Team Consulting Services Agreement
010-50(V)-68 Dr. Blake P. Tullis Contract for Professional Team Consulting Services
010-50-66 James Franklin Booth Professional Team Consulting Services Agreement
012-31-100 World Wide Technology LLC Cisco Flex and Smartnet SOW_Disclosure_PO
012-31-125 22nd Century Technologies Incorporated Statement of Work and Addendum
012-31-170 Muhimbi Products Acknowledgement and Master Subscription Agreement
012-31-35 22nd Century Technologies, Inc. Statement of Work-Attachment 3
012-31-41 BitSight Technologies, Inc. Master Service Agreement
012-31-73 22nd Century Technologies, Inc. Statement of Work
012-33-4 FIA Technology Services, LLC First Amended Schedule 1
013-49-9 Green Street Advisors Amendment 009
013-70-10 LinkedIn Renewal
013-98-6 Townsend Holdings, LLC Second Addendum
014-67-56 PJT Partners LP Consulting Agreement
015-43-25 TekStream Solutions, LLC Statement of Work-Alight Monthly Annuity Amount
015-43-29 TekStream Solutions, LLC Consulting Agreement
015-70-8 Greenberg Traurig Third Amendment to Legal Services Agreement
016-56-2 Glass, Lewis & Co., LLC Order Form
016-62-7 Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. Addendum No. Schedule-GOV_00213384 - 05/04/2022
016-68-4 MSCI ESG Research LLC Addendum Number ESGA 00303637.0
017-57-3 Raymond James & Associates, Inc. Contract for Financial Advisory Services
017-61-5 KPMG Audit Letter
018-04-4 DD MacKee, LLC Amended and Restated Agreement for Consulting Services
018-23-5 Paragon Strategic Solutions Inc. Reinsurance to Assist Policyholders Program
018-23-8 Paragon Strategic Solutions Inc. Exhibit A to the Contract for Technology Services
018-33-10 Carahsoft Technology Corporation Addendum One
18-0073-2 Investment Training and Consulting Institute Inc. Amendment Four
18-0087-4 Ecomonic Research Institute Renewal to Services Agreement and Order Form
18-0141-45 Evercore Group Consulting Agreement
18-0150-20 Degreed, Inc. Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement
18-0150-24 SecurityScorecard, Inc. Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
18-0163-3 PC Solutions Statement of Work and Attachment B
19-0028-2 The Whole Person Project Training and Consulting Agreement
19-0030-11 LogicManager, Inc. Moderate to Admin Conversion Form
19-0030-12 LogicManager, Inc. Light Task User Form
19-0030-7 LogicManager, Inc. Amendment One and Order Form
19-0040-2 Seward and Kissel, LLP Amendment One
19-0045-3 Financial Services Technologies, LLC Amendment One
19-0050-6 Law360 Subscription Order Form and Addendum 2
19-0079-3 Cybrary Inc. Renewal Order Form and Addendum
19-0123 Credit Benchmark Limited Subscriber Service Booking Form
19-0123-4 Credit Benchmark Limited Credit Benchmark Subscriber Service Booking Form
20-0019 MISTI Consulting Services Agreement
20-0022-02 Automation Anywhere End User License Agreement and Addendum
20-0029 Sniffen & Spellman, P.A. Legal Services Agreement
20-0030-3 Insight Public Sector, Inc. Statement of Work-Exhibit B
20-0032 Eaton Corporation Agreement
20-0032-2 Eaton Corporation UPS Renewal, Terms and Conditions, and Addendum One
20-0037-10 TEKsystems Services Contract Addendum
20-0037-6 TekSystems Addendum Three
20-0037-8 TEKsystems Inc. Addendum Four
20-0037-9 TEKsystems Services Contract Addendum
20-0038 Cutter Associates, LLC Consulting Agreement
20-0038-3 Cutter Associates, LLC Cutter Research Member Agreement
20-0040 Experian Data Breach Response Services Contract
20-0061-4 Capital Economics (N.A.) Limited. Subscription Agreement
20-0073 Workiva Inc. Systems Use Agreement & Data Security Addendum
20-0105 Florida International University Section I Ratemaking Analyses
20-0106 Air Worldwide Corporation Ratemaking Analyses
20-0108 EQECAT Section I Ratemaking Analyses
20-0109 Applied Research Section I Ratemaking Analyses
20-0110 NTT Data Consulting Services Agreement
20-0110-2 NTT Data Amendment One and Project Change Request
20-0114 Risk Management Solutions Inc. Section I Ratemaking Analyses
20-0119 AvePoint Public Sector, Inc. AvePoint SOW & Attachment A
20-0127-21 BNY Mellon Amendment One
20-0128-8 Bank of New York Mellon Amendment One
20-0133 Dash Financial Technologies, LLC Electronic Access & Trading Agreement
21-0004 Catapult Systems Fast Track Agreement
21-0013 ACI Learning Letter and Addendum
21-0014 StarCompliance Operating LLC Software License and Services Agreement, Schedule A - G, and Statement of Work
21-0022 Enzoic Order Form Agreement and Disclosure
21-0043 Investment Training and Consulting Institute Inc. Consulting Services and Addendum
21-0043-2 Investment Training and Consulting Institute, Inc. Subject Matter Expertise and Addendum
21-0044 TeleMessage Service Agreement
21-0052 Zermelo End User Terms of Service
21-0062 Ethics Global LLC Service Agreement
21-0064 Embassy Suites Agreement and Addendum
21-0068 Info-Tech Research Group Service Agreement with Disclosures
21-0072 Cygilant, Inc Master Services Agreement
21-0072-2 Cygilant, Inc LIFARS, LLC Primary Service Agreement
21-0075 Carahsoft Statement of Work for Metalogix
21-0088 UNITI Fiber LLC Services Agreement and Disclosures
21-0099 Lightning Tools License Agreement and Disclosures
21-0100 Intercom R&D Unlimited Company Master SaaS Subscription Agreement
21-0107 AuditBoard, Inc. Agreement and Order Form
21-0109 Choice Konsult LLC Agreement for Communication Consulting Services
21-0116 RVK, Inc. Agreement to Consulting Services Pertaining to Custodian Bank Monitoring
21-0118 Preqin Limited Subscription Agreement
21-0121 Clearview Consulting, Inc. Engagement Letter and Data Security Addendum
22-0017 CFI Education, Inc. Training Form and Disclosure
22-0021 Crowe LLP Financial Statement and Data Security
22-0022 Umbraco A/S Subscription Terms and Conditions Acknowledgement
22-0029 Peraton State & Local Inc. Agreement for Consulting Services
22-0034 Renaissance Regulatory Services, Inc. Consulting Services Agreement
22-0038 Verus Advisory, Inc. Agreement for Consulting Services
22-0052 MHR Communications, LLC Agreement for General Consulting Services and Attachment A
22-0060 World Wide Technology Master Flexible Consumption Agreement and Disclosure
22-0068 CT Corporation System Addendum One
22-0077 Communispond Acknowledgement and Letter of Agreement
22-0093 Meradia Group Service Agreement and Statement of Work
22-0101 SecurityScorecard, Inc. Master Services Agreement
22-0112 Flycast Partners Statement of Work and Acknowledgement & Data Security Addendum
22-0121 Business Intelligence Advisors, Inc. Amendment to BIA Services Agreement
22-0128 Meltwater News US Inc. Order Confirmation
23-0028 Strive Advisory LLC License and Services Agreement
23-0029 Equilar Inc Subscription Agreement
23-0029 Equilar Inc Subscription Agreement
23-0031-2 Carahsoft Technology Corp Addendum One
23-0033 Merlinos & Associates Inc Actuarial Consulting Services & Schedule A
23-0035 Institute of International Auditors Inc Master Group Training Agreement
23-0037 Examination Resources, LLC Claims Examination Services & Schedule A
23-0038 Michael W. Lamb Claims Examination Services & Schedule A
23-0039 Luciola Solutions LLC Agreement for Consulting Services
23-0040-2 Crain Communications Inc Acknowledgement
23-0041 Shapiro Negotiations Institute, LLC Training Agreement
23-0049 Blanchard Training and Development, Inc. Coaching Agreement
23-0050 Pinnacle Actuarial Resources, Inc. Actuarial Consulting Services
23-0052 Baker Tilly US, LLP Actuarial Consulting Services
23-0055 Institutional Investor, LLC Membership Agreement
23-0059 Baker Tilly US, LLP Claims Examination Services
96-79-10 The Groom Law Group, Chartered Amendment Eight
97-28-14 Lewis, Longman & Walker, P.A. Amendment Ten