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The SBA negotiates with a variety of companies and providers to assist with varying needs, ranging from information technology services to general office products. We are committed to the utilization of small business enterprises, including those owned by minorities. Our goal in negotiating any engagement or contract is to choose the most qualified firm whose fees we deem fair, competitive, and reasonable.

Investment providers please visit our Investment Providers page here.

Prospective Service and Commodity providers can monitor this web site for competitive procurement announcements or contact Jennifer Williams, Procurement Manager with any questions or comments.

Registration, Payments, and Forms

Vendor Registration W-9 / W-8

The State Board of Administration (SBA) requires all vendors to submit a Form W-9 or the appropriate W-8 for vendors domiciled outside the United States. The forms provide a Federal Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), official entity name, a business designation (sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership, etc.), and other taxpayer information to the SBA. The submission of a completed form ensures that the SBA's vendor records and information reporting to the IRS are accurate.

In order to make payments to vendors the SBA Accounts Payable must have on file a verified W-9 (verified by matching what is on file with the Internal Revenue Service) or a completed W-8.

Vendor Payments

Vendor payments are made by check or by ACH. The State Board of Administration’s preferred method of payments to vendors is ACH Direct Payment. In order to enroll please visit the VENDOR FORMS section of this website.

Vendor Forms

The SBA can accept electronic copies of the of W-9 and W-8 forms. All submitted forms must be filled out completely, signed and dated.

The SBA can only accept the original ACH Vendor Enrollment Form and corresponding documentation.

Gift Disclosure

Vendors/investment providers should review the Guide to the Sunshine Amendment & the Code of Ethics, under the Public Information menu, concerning the giving and reporting of gifts. See here

Remittance address:
State Board of Administration - Financial Operations (Accounts Payable)
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If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at 850-488-4406 or

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