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SBA Benefits

The State Board Administration (SBA) pays a large % of the premium for all full-time employees' group health, regardless of the type or level of coverage. The value of the current annual individual benefit is $8,214.00 and the current annual family benefit is $18,355.20. Health plans offered are the State PPO-Florida Blue and HMO-Capital Health Plan. The cost to the employee is $8.34 for individual coverage and $30.00 for family coverage per month.
The SBA will pay for a basic life insurance policy with a death benefit equal to $25,000. Also available is optional term life. The employee may enroll in a policy of up to seven (7) levels of coverage. Each level of coverage is equal to the employee's annual salary – to a maximum of $1,000,000 in Optional Group Term Life Insurance.
A short term disability policy is provided to all SBA’s employees at no cost. The employee is eligible for coverage after all personal leave has been depleted.
Once all leave options have been exhausted, the employee is eligible to apply for the disability pay. Insured employees who become eligible for benefits under the Plan receive a benefit equal to 65% of their basic daily earnings on the date of disability, subject to benefit reduction such as Social Security benefits, workers' comp benefits, or other regular or disability benefits under the State of Florida Retirement System.
The State Board Administration pays 100% of the premium for all full-time employees (and eligible dependents) and prorated amount based on full-time equivalent (FTE). The value of the current annual individual benefit is $528.48 and the current annual family benefit is $1,375.68.
Annual Leave - Vacation Time
SBA employees receive 176 hours (4.4 weeks) of annual leave upon appointment date and each anniversary date. SBA’s employees may carry a maximum of 480 hours of annual leave over on their anniversary. The difference of hours between 480 and the number of hours in the annual leave account will be transferred to their sick leave account on their anniversary date prior to the new accrual of 176 and 104 being deposited.
Sick Leave
SBA employees receive 104 hours (2.6 weeks) of sick leave upon the appointment date and each anniversary date. Sick leave hours may be accumulated without penalty. There is no maximum number of hours that can be carried in the sick leave account. Upon separation from service SBA employees with 10 years of service may be paid for 25% of their sick leave hours up to 480 hours.
There are nine paid holidays each calendar year and one paid personal holiday each fiscal year, which begins July 1st.
SBA provides a choice between two retirement programs and funds each at 7.52% of gross pay. There is a 3% contribution required on the part of the employee. The traditional program or pension plan requires eight years of service to vest. Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) is available. Upon retirement, benefits are paid monthly for the employee's lifetime. The investment plan requires one year of service to vest. The agency deposits contributions into a tax-free portable individual account that you control. You will absorb the market activity.Upon retirement, you can take your benefit in a single payment, in multiple payments over time, guaranteed monthly payments for life, or any combination. DROP is not available
Tax Deferred Employee Investments
The agency provides a deferred compensation plan that allows savings to grow tax free until withdrawal