State Board of Administration
1801 Hermitage Blvd., Suite 100
Tallahassee, Florida 32308

Investment Management Agreements

Bond Proceeds Trust Fund
Bond Proceeds Fund 12/01/2017
Bond Proceeds Trust Fund 12/10/2010

Debt Service
Debt Service Funds 12/01/2017
Debt Service Funds 09/03/2009

Department of the Lottery Fund
Lottery 09/11/2009

Florida Division of Blind Services
Blind Services 04/12/2011
Blind Services 04/30/2009

Florida Endowment for Vocational Rehabilitation
Fl Endowment Voc Rehab 08/23/2011
Fl Endowment Voc Rehab 04/25/2011
Fl Endowment Voc Rehab 10/03/2008
Fl Endowment Voc Rehab 02/21/1991

Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund and SBA Finance Corp.
FHCF and SBAFC Combined 05/13/2016
FHCF and FHCFFC Combined 01/20/2010
FHCFFC Pre-Event Liquidity Fund 03/09/2011
FHCFFC Pre-Event Liquidity Fund 04/09/13
FHCF/SBAFC Pre-Event Liquidity Fund 09/01/14
FHCF and SBAFC Combined 01/01/2015

Florida Prepaid College Plan & Florida College Investment Plan QMA Account
Prepaid College-College Invest Plan QMA 04/26/13
Prepaid College-College Invest Plan QMA 03/31/2010
Prepaid College-College Invest Plan QMA 02/08/2008
Prepaid College-College Invest Plan QMA 02/04/2008
Prepaid College-College Invest Plan QMA 05/15/2007

Florida PRIME
Florida PRIME 07/25/2019
Florida PRIME 06/13/2018
Florida PRIME 06/14/2017
Florida PRIME 08/02/2016
Florida PRIME 07/01/2015
Florida PRIME 07/01/2014
Florida PRIME 07/01/2012
Florida PRIME 07/01/2011
Florida PRIME 06/08/2010

Florida Retirement System Pension Plan
FRS Pension Plan 01/17/23
FRS Pension Plan 09/01/22
FRS Pension Plan 10/01/20
FRS Pension Plan 07/01/18
FRS Pension Plan 10/17/17
FRS Pension Plan 06/14/17
FRS Pension Plan 01/01/17
FRS Pension Plan 01/01/15
FRS Pension Plan 07/01/14
FRS Pension Plan 03/01/14
FRS Pension Plan 08/20/13
FRS Pension Plan 02/09/2012
FRS Pension Plan reaffirmed 06/17/2011
FRS Pension Plan 06/08/2010

Florida Retirement System Investment Plan
FRS Investment Plan 05/04/21
FRS Investment Plan 07/01/20
FRS Investment Plan 12/04/18
FRS Investment Plan 06/14/17
FRS Investment Plan 02/06/14
FRS Investment Plan 9/24/13
FRS Investment Plan 02/02/2012
FRS Investment Plan 12/09/2008

FSU Research Foundation
FSU Research Foundation 07/01/2008
FSU Research Foundation 04/01/2006
FSU Research Foundation 02/28/2006

Gas Tax Trust Fund
Florida Gas Tax Fund 10/30/2017
Gas Tax Trust Fund 09/03/2009

Inland Protection Financing Corporation (Fund Management Terminated)
Inland Protection thru 06/30/2010

Insurance Capital Build-up Program
Insurance Capital Build Up 06/01/2006

Lawton Chiles Endowment Fund
LCEF 06/17/2014
LCEF 09/23/2013
LCEF 02/09/2012
LCEF 03/24/2009

Police and Firefighters' Premium Tax Trust Fund
Police & Firefighters 04/25/2011
Police & Firefighters 09/01/1995

Retiree Health Insurance Subsidy Trust Fund
Retiree HIS TF 09/01/2011
Retiree HIS TF 08/01/2011
Retiree HIS TF 10/14/2010
Retiree HIS TF 09/22/2010
Retiree HIS TF 09/11/2009

Primary Funds

The SBA provides a variety of investment services to state and local government entities in Florida and has a history of generating excellent returns relative to risk and doing so at low cost. The SBA manages over 30 funds, some established as direct requirements of Florida Law and others developed as client-initiated trust agreements.

Accounting for approximately 95% of all assets under management, the primary funds managed by the SBA are:

Florida Retirement System Pension Plan

The Florida Retirement System (FRS) Pension Plan, also known as the Defined Benefit Plan, is one of the largest public retirement plans in the U.S. and comprises roughly three-quarters of total assets under State Board of Administration (SBA) management.

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Florida Retirement System Investment Plan

The Florida Retirement System (FRS) Investment Plan was established by the 2000 Florida Legislature to provide Florida’s public employees with a portable, flexible alternative to the FRS’ traditional defined benefit plan.

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Florida PRIME

Florida PRIME provides eligible participants a cost effective investment vehicle for their surplus funds. Its investment strategy emphasizes, in order of importance, preservation of capital, liquidity and competitive yield.

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Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund

The Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (known as the “Cat Fund”) is a tax-exempt state trust fund. The official purpose of the Cat Fund is to protect the state’s economy and the public health, safety, and welfare by providing a stable and ongoing source of reimbursement to residential property insurers for a portion of their catastrophic hurricane losses.

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